John has spoken to thousands of high school and college students across the country.

Here are his most requested topics:

Orientation or Graduation Keynote: Skating Through College

This is the signature keynote John is famous for.  By sharing his story of pursuing his passion as a semi-professional skateboarder in college, students will learn the value and strategy of having a big WHY. He also talks about the pitfalls that cause thousands of students to drop out every year and how students can prepare for themselves. John also inspires students to take responsibility of the culture they create on campus and they can support each other through these next several years TOGETHER.

Ideal for new student orientations or as a general conference keynote.

Leadership: The Culture Creature

John spent 10 years of his life leading and developing college students into outstanding adults.  In this keynote he dives into the strategies that every school or university NEEDS to implement to create a culture of empathy, respect, and achievement.  He also reveals the hidden traps that undermine the culture of a school and how to prevent them from happening. This is ideal for any student leadership or Residence Hall Association program.

Career: The Six Figure Student

John went from nearly dropping out of college for financial reasons, to paying his own way, to making $50,000 during his senior year, and eventually making six figures his first year out of college.  In this keynote, John reveals what students need to know to distinguish themselves from all the other internship or job applicants.  John doesn’t just share from things he read, but from his own experience of how he did it.  This is ideal for any career or job training events.

Parents: Epic Parenting

In this keynote, John shares the inspiring story of how John’s father rode his bicycle across the country for his college graduation. In this message parents will learn the strategies to engage and support their children, not to become good kids, but good adults.  Ideal for parent groups or parent orientations.

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