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“Boom! I love this book. John “Izzy” Israel got it right! Each page contains the fuel for achieving your fullest potential and the roadmap to make it happen.”

—John Vroman, founder of the Front Row Foundation

“Sometimes books can also be good mentors through specific life experiences. This is one of those books for college students.”

— Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles and founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul

“This is an enjoyable read. It’s good for students and adults alike. I found myself taking notes on things to work on and to remember. Every graduating senior and their parents should read it too!”

— Jeanne Tanner, parent

“Skating Through College is a terrific book every student should read. John Israel’s stories and examples cut to the core of the college experience. Whether you are an engineering, sociology, or pre-med major, this book will help you have a LEVEL 10 college experience.”

— Hal Elrod, best selling author of The Miracle Morning