12764618_10100442769458533_7908951709912644700_oJohn Israel, “Izzy” as many call him, is a Nationally acclaimed speaker and author of the best selling book Skating Through College.

Izzy’s life in the skateboarding world began when his older brother Pete built a world class half pipe in their backyard. This attracted several professional skateboarders and skate magazines to visit the Israel house for photo shoots on the ramp. Izzy couldn’t escape skateboarding if he wanted to. Along with the skateboarding world is a culture that most are familiar with. Izzy fell right in line with most of his friends messing around in class and causing trouble in the community by the time he was 12.

Several of Izzy’s friends were arrested when they were just 14 years old. Grades in the toilette, no friends left, Izzy decided it was time for a change. With the support of some remarkable faculty at his high school Izzy went from almost failing out to a 3.3 GPA in one semester.  He kept this up long enough to even qualify for an academic scholarship to college.

While still being an active skateboarder, John realized that he had never met a professional skateboarder with a college degree.  This inspired him. Over the next several years, John worked tirelessly towards this dream, while doing anything he could to pay for it. Izzy started out making $5.25/hour working on campus, then became an RA to cover his room and board. Izzy took a job selling Cutco knives where he earned $5000 over a 3 month summer break, which turned into a $14,000 summer job a year later.

Making enough money to pay for school while still skating as often as possible, Izzy had an extraordinary and life changing college experience. Since then Izzy developed a successful career in sales and marketing, which prompted his growth into professional speaking. Now, John Izzy Israel is a Nationally acclaimed Speaker and Author. His content has motivated and influenced tens of thousands of college students across US and Canada.

John’s mission is to transform the world through inspired youth, and to empower parents to lead their children, not to become good kids, but great adults.

John currently resides in the Central Coast of California with his wife and son.

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